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B series & V series

Refrigeration units driven electrically or by the vehicle engine

Thermo King offers the widest range of vehicle-powered refrigeration solutions to cater for the demands of fresh and frozen delivery operations.

Whether your vehicle is single or multi-compartment, large or small, conventional or hybrid, we have the ideal solution to protect your valuable cargo.

All our systems feature tight temperature control even with multiple delivery drops, easy to use driver interfaces and low noise, low emission operation as demanded in urban operations.

And you have the reassurance of the most extensive service network in the industry.

T series & UT series

Self-Powered truck units, single or multi temperatures, mounted above the cabin or under the chassis.

Thermo King’s self-powered truck range is built on years of research, exhaustive testing and the ambition to set the highest standards in the industry with the widest range of solutions.

Single temperature, multi-temperature, nose-mount and under-mount models come in a range of capacities to suit the wide variety of applications in today’s truck transport market.

Common to all models is world-class reliability, performance and efficiency. Low cost of ownership combines with minimal environmental impact and total product protection in the most demanding conditions of extreme heat and cold.

And you have the reassurance of the most extensive service network in the industry.


SLXi. I choose, I win

Whether you are a driver, retail manager, fleetowner or a business executive, you need to be in control of your choices. Because in your business, you know what’s best for you and your clients.

This is precisely where SLXi meets your demands.

SLXi is all about empowerment, about capability. It’s about being able to say “I can.” Thermo King has designed the SLXi so you can meet all your customers’ demands for the ultra-fresh produce delivered to ultra-tight schedules while limiting overall costs. Upsizing your performance while downsizing your operating costs.

In short, with SLXi, you win. Always.

Discover how Thermo King conceived and tested the SLX range

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In 1938, Thermo King invents the refrigeration unit destined to the transportation. (on the left)
Today, the factory of Galway, in Ireland, produce the diesel units. (on the right)